Let's build your perfect telemetry processing system

Tell us your requirements and we will build you an out-of-the-box packet processing system.



Our telemetry processing system provides global monitoring of telemetry data on the Microsoft Windows PC platforms.

Originally developed for the space payload and satellite telemetry processing market, TPS finds application in any area requiring the real-time or off-line processing of packet data.



  • Multi-user networked operation
  • Ethernet, serial, disk or custom I/O
  • Frame synchronisation
  • Data record and playback
  • Text and graphical displays
  • On-line configuration
  • Alarm limit checking
  • Selected parameter recording
  • Self-test data generation
  • Application Programmers Interface
  • Post-flight analysis toolkit
  • SVG


    TPS is configurable and customizable.

    TPS is mission independent. It can be reconfigured online for any new packet format, displays, data streams and protocols, without software rewrites.



    TPS costs a fraction of some high-end telemetry solutions.