What we do

Providing hardware and software solutions to industry


Real-time & embedded software

We specialise in developing real-time, embedded and control software for a wide range of industrial applications including remote monitoring and machine control.


Hardware systems

We have extensive experience in designing analogue and digital systems including custom data acquisition systems, motor servos and precision signal processing.


Remote sensing solutions

We provide real-time data display and GUI front-end solutions for remote data sensing applications. As a result of this work we have developed our Telemetry Processing System (TPS).


Telemetry software

We provide out-of-the-box telemetry processing software. Our product, TPS (Telemetry Processing Software), costs a fraction of some high-end telemetry processing systems.

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Modelling & Simulation

Our strong academic background in mathematics and physics has allowed us to model control systems, electromechanical systems, hydrodynamic systems and RF systems.


Responsive web applications

As an example, see our free-to-use MTD for VAT bridging service at safeaccounts.co.uk